Aerospace in BW

Aerospace is an important economic sector in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Big world-leading companies as well as small and medium-sized companies operate from different locations in our area.

Aerospace has a great history in the ferdal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Names like Zeppelin, Hanns Klemm, Eugen Sänger, Ulf Merbold and Ernst W. Messerschmid are intertwined with the state capital and the surrounding area. The aerospace industry today plays a key role in the regional industrial mix. International market leaders such as Tesat-Spacecom and Thales, but also numerous small- and medium-sized firms such as Johann Maier develop and produce high-tech solutions here, exporting them across the globe. The Backnang region has also seen the development of a hub for satellite communications technology, with the German Center for Satellite Communications as the central contact.

16,000 persons in total work in institutions associated with LR BW and gross around 4.8 billion Euros annually – continuously tending upwards. The strength of the Baden-Wuerttemberg aerospace is in the joined-up supply chain from screw to research satellite. On average, the Baden-Wuerttemberg aerospace industry invests 17.5 per cent of their turnover on research and development.

Because of the high demand for quality and efficiency, the aerospace industry is a pioneer for new technology and initiator for other sectors – from lightweight design in automobile engineering to optimised aerodynamics of wind turbines to efficient solar technology. Developments of the aerospace industry make their way into daily life and bring us precise weather forecasts, satellite telephones or modern navigational systems.

/ LR BW – a strong network

Innovative partners

The industry is experiencing ever-increasing international competitive and cost pressure, and supplier companies are having to bear more responsibility and risks. The answer to this is networking:
Co-operation and innovation within the network ensure sustainable success. To this end, LR BW offers a comprehensive network of companies, universities, research institutions and partners – regionally, nationally and internationally.