Witzenmann GmbH

The Witzenmann Group is one of the global leaders in the manufacture of flexible metal components such as metal hoses, expansion joints, metal bellows, and vehicle components. Among the numerous components that Witzenmann produces as an engineering partner of its customers in the aerospace industry are, for example, metal hoses in accordance with AS1424, kerosene lines for buoyancy tanks/extra tanks, gimbal and ball joints, storage batteries, valve bellows, vibration decoupling units, and extension joints for tank pipes and feed lines.

In these extremely versatile and highly specialised markets, Witzenmann is known for its utmost reliability and safety and for the extreme robustness and durability of its components. Its leading engineering competencies, certified development processes, and the testing and production procedures that are
individually adapted to the respective applications are the foundations for its outstanding reputation.


Östliche-Karl-Friedrich-Strasse 134
75175 Pforzheim

Phone:+49 7231-5810

Internet: Website
E-Mail: wi@witzenmann.com

Facts & Figures

> 4.100
570 Mio. EUR
DIN EN 9100
DVS 2718
Airbus, B/E Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, Euro Cryospace, Liebherr Aerospace, Magna Steyr Aerospace, MTU Aero Engines, Snecma, Thales Alenia Space