Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG

The drive system experts from Schönaich

The 1,900 person strong FAULHABER Group specializes in the design, production and application of precision miniature and micro drive systems, servo components and controllers with output power of up to 200 Watts. This includes the production of client-specific total solutions as well as a comprehensive program of standard products such as brushless motors, DC micro motors, encoders and motion controllers. FAULHABER Group brands represent high quality and reliability worldwide in complex and demanding areas of application such as aerospace and aviation, medical technology, pick and place machines, precision optics, telecommunications and robotics. From micro drives with 1.9mm diameters to our powerful 44mm DC micro motor that can be combined with various precision gearheads, our business offers reliable system solutions for a range of applications.

FAULHABER products have been proven many times over in aerospace and aviation applications, including among others the Rosetta space probe, the Philae comet Lander and the ESA’s StarTiger program. On unmanned aircraft, DC micro motors serve as the fuel pump driver to ensure the necessary pressure in a 200g-light fuel injection system. FAULHABER miniature drives improve air travel comfort via for example automatic window blinds.


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