Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG

As a reliable partner of the German and international armed forces, Diehl Defence is a leading systems house for air defence systems. In addition to systems for ground-based air defence, the product portfolio of the company headquartered in Überlingen (Germany) includes guided missiles for all branches of the armed forces, ammunition for army, air force and navy as well as protection systems. In addition, Diehl Defence develops and produces key components such as infrared modules, fuzes and special batteries.

Product Portfolio:

air defence systems; guided missiles; ammunition; surveillance and protection systems; training systems; fuzes; infrared modules; special batteries; packaging systems


Alte Nußdorfer Str. 13
88662 Überlingen

Phone:+49 7551-8901

Internet: Website
E-Mail: pr@diehl-defence.com

Facts & Figures

1 Mrd. €
DIN EN 9100
DIN EN ISO 27001
AQAP 2110
AQAP 2210