As a successful manufacturer of precision fiber optic connections, produced at our factory in Switzerland, we’ve gained a first-class reputation worldwide. Our product range includes connectors of all kinds, reliable custom components, and systems and subsystems for diverse applications. Our technologies are unique. Our active core alignment production process, for example, facilitates maximum positioning accuracy of the fiber core. We’re constantly setting new standards for stability, safety and quality with our extensive experience.

Fiber optic cables are already used for a range of applications because of their exceptional bandwidth and durability in a range of environmental conditions. We are established partners in the following industries: photonics and biophotonics, aerospace engineering, energy and plant engineering, military and research institutes/universities.


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70771 Echterdingen

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Facts & Figures

ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
ESCC Generic Specification: 2263420
ESCC Generic Specification: 3420
ESCC Detail Specification: 3420/001