BtoB Veranstaltung Aeromart Toulouse

Vom 1.-3. Dezember 2020 findet die Aeromart Toulouse statt. Für LR BW-Mitglieder gibt es vergünstigte Konditionen.

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Aeromart is not a traditional exhibition, it’s a matchmaking program strictly reserved for professionals from global civil and defense aviation industry.

Through this event, abe/BCI Aerospace will gain the resources to create an online interactive platform allowing the organization to participate in targeted meetings, exchanges and high-level conferences between contractors, OEMs, subcontractors and suppliers of the aero spatial industry.

For this 13th edition, more than 1300 companies will be attending and 45 countries will be represented (Europe, Maghreb, North & South America, Asia, Russia).

Thanks to the recurring participation of major OEMs and Tiers 1, Aeromart has demonstrated its international stature, becoming an unmissable event for all players in the aerospace industry.

You must sign up to attend. Two and a half weeks prior to the forum you’ll have to identify and request meetings with relevant contacts through our detailed online catalog.
Your approved meetings and those you have accepted (among the requests you received) will be pre-arranged on a schedule.

How does it work?

  1. 1. Register online (soon available) for the business convention: fill out the form describing your company, the products, capabilities and services you offer.
    Three weeks before the event, you will have access to all the participants and can choose who you want to meet with.
    3. Taking into account the wishes of all participants, abe/BCI aerospace will schedule your business meetings and create a personalized meeting agenda taking place over a 2-day period.
    4. You attend the business convention, including business meetings and conferences.


December 1 : Aeromart Summit – one day conference
December 2-3 : Business Convention (prearranged one-to-one meetings and workshops)

For more information, please visit our website :


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