Safran Electronics & Defense Germany GmbH

Safran Electronics & Defense Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense, a member of the Safran Group in France. Safran Electronics & Defense Germany is active in development and production of sensors and equipment for inertial sensing in flight controls, in avionics, and in navigation, as well as in robotics, mainly onboard of helicopters, of civil airplanes, and of unmanned aerial vehicles. The major part of products is based on Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) which are industrial produced in several thousand sensors per year. The Fiber-Optic Inertial Measurement Units (FMU) is a robust and cost efficient inertial measurement unit for many applications, where accelerations and rotation rates are measured in three axes of space.

Design and Verification of electronic equipment and components are processed in accordance with the standards RTCA DO-178 for Software and RTCA DO-254 for Hardware for safety critical applications. The company has its core competencies in in-house designed integrated optic circuits and opto-electronic devices.

Furthermore, Safran Electronics & Defense Germany supports the mother company in sales, service and logistics activities for their product portfolio.


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71711 Murr

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Facts & Figures

15 Mio. EUR
EASA Part 21G, EASA Part 145, ISO 9001:2008, EN 9100:2009
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