F. Zimmermann GmbH

F. Zimmermann is a global leader in manufacturing high-tech portal milling machines and horizontal machining centers. Attention to detail, huge dimensions, speed, performance and value for money are Zimmermann hallmarks. When a customer owns a Zimmermann milling machine, he can be sure that it will pay off.

Main focus:
CNC portal milling machines and horizontal machining centers with diversified modular designs specialized for the machining of large volume structural components in all current applications and materials (titanium, aluminium, CFK). 5 or 6-axis versions of custom-made CNC milling machines. Design and manufacturing of specific 2 and 3-axis milling heads.


Bernhäuser Str. 35
73765 Neuhausen

Phone:+49 7158/948955-0

Internet: Website
E-Mail: info@f-zimmermann.com

Facts & Figures

51 Mio. EUR
DIN ISO 9001:2008
Airbus, Boeing, GKN, Saab, Triumph, viele Zulieferer der Luft und Raumfahrtindustrie